Pemilik Kereta MYVI Pasti TERSENYUM LEBAR Bila Baca Artikel Ni !!!

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Pemilik Kereta MYVI Pasti TERSENYUM LEBAR Bila Baca Artikel Ni !!! | OMG! I just realised that my MyVi is on par with the Maserati. No, I am not on any medication. I am dead serious here.


Just hear me out, will ya?

First things first, let’s look at the technical aspects of both cars.

*Drum roll*

The Maserati is a “supercar” with a powerful Brembo Braking System which allows efficient braking in the shortest distances. The MyVi ALSO has a braking system which enables the car to stop after going some distance. What a coincidence!”

The Maserati has an advanced four wheel driver system. The MyVi ALSO has four wheels and a systematic driver – me!

The Maserati has a horsepower turbo. The MyVi can run against any horse – I am willing to bet on that!

The Maserati has an MSP Electronic System that ensures the car’s stability at every moment – amazing, ain’t it? But get this – the MyVi is superbly stable too – it stays firmly on the ground and never flies!

The Maserati has a well balanced weight system that guarantees outstanding handling. The MyVi ALSO has a balanced weight system that assists in better handling – especially when I take my place behind the wheel after breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Now for the best part.

The Italian automobile company producing the Maserati has grown extensively and now is competing against BMW. (Jaw dropping moment) So is the MyVi. It is competing against Malaysia’s very own BMW (also known as Proton)!

Oh, in case you haven’t noticed – the name MyVi and Maserati both begin with the letter ‘M’. How amazing!

And get this (drumroll) – the MyVi gets me from Point A to Point B, just like the Maserati!

The MyVi’s engine is located at the front of the car – just like the Maserati’s.

It runs on petrol and when I turn on the ignition, the MyVi’s engine starts up – just like a Maserati’s!

Both cars also allow drivers to honk – simply brilliant!

Like the Maserati, the MyVi ALSO has power steering, a gear box, dashboard, radio and a speaker system, safety air bags and also seats.

I am so excited!

The Maserati is a luxury car – and so is the MyVi in that it is the only car with some degree of luxury I can afford.

The Maserati is an exclusive car – and the MyVi is exclusively driven by me.

The Maserati is available in a variety of colours. Gasp, the MyVi too!

I am so in awe.

Never in a million years did I think I would be driving a car of equal standing as a world class Maserati.

Someone please pinch me.

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